Bespoke Drag Wigs and Drag Supplies

Examples of custom wig work

Here at The Wig Mistress, we specialise in off-the-shelf and custom stage wigs, with a specialisation in drag wigs. Our head wig mistress is Shyanne O’Shea, drag queen powerhouse and hair stylist par excellence. She has many years’ experience in wig-making, hair design, and drag – she knows what you want before you do!

Our speciality is most definitely our wonderful custom drag queen wigs! We start from a high-quality base wig, then weave in hair and style the wig to each customer’s unique requirements. We use both the wigs we have in stock, as well as customer’s own wigs. Do you have a custom design you’d love to see come to life? Do you have an old wig that’s looking a bit passe? Use our contact form to get in touch, we love creativity and we love a challenge!

Our lace-front wigs are beautiful, high-quality headpieces designed to look fabulous on stage. We are able to offer basic styling services on some of these wigs, and of course you can use these wigs as a base for our extensive customisation services!

Some of our favourites: